Multi Family Blueprint is a division of Matterhorn Real Estate Investments Ltd, a family-owned corporation operated by husband and wife Pierre-Paul Turgeon and Manon Topping. Matterhorn’s mission is to take advantage of the investment opportunities in real estate in Alberta by purchasing income-generating multi-family rental properties.

Manon and Pierre-Paul have been involved in real estate investing for over 20 years initially through the purchase of smaller properties in the Province of Québec such as single homes and duplexes.


Until March 2010, Pierre-Paul was at the employment of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) since 1996. CMHC is a mortgage-default insurance Crown Corporation providing protection to banks against defaults by borrowers. For the last four years, Pierre-Paul was an underwriter of multi-family properties. Prior to that, he was the principal analyst for CMHC’s Default Management and Real Estate department for four years. Pierre-Paul knows first hand all aspects of owning and operating apartment buildings through his job at CMHC.



As a CMHC underwriter, Pierre-Paul’s job was to specifically analyze and mitigate risks pertaining to investments in apartment buildings in order to prevent losses/claims to CMHC. Pierre-Paul has a law degree (LLB) from the University of Ottawa.

In addition, Pierre-Paul is an active member of the Canadian Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) (www.reincanada.com) and a regular guest speaker at REIN events providing education on CMHC’s multi-family mortgage insurance. REIN’s mandate to provide real estate investors economic research, monthly educational workshops, services and products for its members ±3,500 members.

Pierre-Paul’s active membership in REIN ensures that he keeps track of the economy and its impact on real estate, but it also enables him to stay abreast of current market developments and of the best real estate investment strategies and stay on top of his game.




Pierre-Paul spent the first six years of his career at CMHC working for the international division of CMHC as a project manager for housing finance projects whereby CMHC was providing consulting advice to foreign governments on how to set up mortgage insurance systems. CMHC worked with African countries such as Mali and Gabon, also with China, Romania, India and the Palestinian Government.

Matterhorn is involved in the Edmonton multi-family market through its ownership of three multi-family properties (see details below). Matterhorn also owns 13.5 acres of prime development land near Cochrane (AB).

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  1. Vanessa Kirschner says:

    Congrats Pierre-Paul and it was nice meeting you at ACRE Edmonton October 2013.

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