Canada’s ONLY “Experiential” Training For Investing In Multi-Family Properties !

“The program is amazing (…). The actual on-site tour was invaluable!
You can never get this type of information from books or a CD. It was
hands on and you could ask questions. I highly recommend it!”

Cheryl Holden, Vancouver, B.C.

 The program is really hands on.
I’m grateful to have had the chance to meet with the experts and
actually look at a building and how to  look for certain things to conduct
due diligence.

Pierre-Paul is probably the best to go to when it comes to multi-family investing.

Hassan Khan, Vancouver B.C.

” I’m very confident that what I’ve learned is reality on what to expect
in preparing for financing for example, for valuation with CMHC versus
conventional financing (…) and all the tools Pierre-Paul gave us to analyze deals.

You cannot attempt multi-family investing. Having Pierre-Paul as a teacher has given me the best chance to do that!“

Diane Leahy, Toronto, Ont.


“ I got a ton of insight (…) Many more tools in the box
Pierre-Paul is very versed in the industry it’s a great
asset because you’re able to look at things differently from
financing realizing how systems & processes have you thinking
a certain way. (…) Pierre-Paul is a very genuine individual.

He’s helped counsel my wife and I on an initial investments and
helped me save a lot of money for our family.”

Kevin Harsh, Ottawa, Ont.


“Pierre-Paul has an astute knowledge of the real estate industry from his past experience with CMHC and his education as a lawyer. His education combined with his experience prepared him well as an ideal educator and mentor. (…) I believe Pierre-Paul’s materials are excellent and well organized in a clear and concise manner. He remains clear-headed and calm in his approach to fast-paced information and he remains approachable even after the course – he wants to mentor his students. (…) I believe Pierre-Paul Turgeon will provide you the training you require to become an ace investor for real estate and bring you the results you seek. (…)” Hannele Davidson HDB Development Ltd., Vancouver, BC

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“I’m just back from your course. I had so many mind blowing learning experiences packed into just two days. (…) Your course gave me a necessary reality check and allowed insight into the real business of multi-family investing. (…) The spreadsheet analysis, evaluation, and experience statement tools are worth the cost of admission alone. The above pearls gained from interacting with a multitude of experienced professionals in this multi-family investing world are the beautiful ripe cherries on top of the delicious cake! I can’t imagine all the mistakes just prevented, I was sure to suffer had I not taken this course. Thank you Pierre-Paul.” Dr. David Babin BSc., DDS, Victoria, BC

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