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I have some very exclusive and highly informative tips hidden in the report for you so grab your free copy now and check out the info first. If you have a chance to get the free report before the end of November 2012 you may also be in luck to be an “early bird” and also receive a copy of my book. I have allotted a LIMITED number of copies to be sent you an exclusive group of people BEFORE it goes out for sale on Amazon.

So just to reiterate – I’ve made provisions to have a select group of 25 “early birds” get access to it for FREE ! Yes, that’s correct, I’d would like 25 people to access my book for FREE just before it’s launched in November of 2012. If you would like to be one the first 25 people to have access to “Multi-Family Investing Blueprint” when it goes LIVE on Amazon in November 2012 please click the “instant access” button on following page and I will add you to the list. There’s just one favour I’d like to ask of you in return for the free book, and that is for you to take a few moments to post a review of it on my Amazon page. I would really appreciate the positive feedback and am confident you’ll love the content.

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  1. Fabio says:

    Where can i get the “multi-family investing blueprint” book.
    Kind Regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Fabio,

      I’m in the process of re-editing my Ebook this summer and will be publishing in early summer. Please, go to and sign up to view my 70-minute FREE video. Then you’ll be on my email list and you’ll be notified once the Ebook is published.

      Thanks for you inquiry.



  2. Matthew Lee says:

    Hi Pierre-Paul, love the content you’ve been sharing about multi-family apartment buildings! Would like to know if your book is available for purchase yet? Either physical or e-book would be great!

    • admin says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m currently editing the Blueprint but have been side-tracked as I’m in the middle of acquiring 2 properties and have been busy with speaking engagements across the country.

      If you like my content, you haven’t seen anything yet as I’m preparing to start production of videos starting in the next few days.

      In the meantime, I have another Ebook called: ‘Investing in Apartment Buildings in Canada: 5 Critical questions you Must Answer’. Please go to: to download this one and then you’ll be on my list and accordingly you’ll be kept abreast of my activities. Also, I have my next live training event in Edmonton on May 12,13 & 14. See


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